Twitch Creative Streaming Guide

january 03 2017

Twitch has been around for a while. Especially for gamers it has been the go-to platform to stream games and watch other people play games. Be it for entertainment, because they can’t play the game themselves or because they want to learn from the pros.


At a certain point Twitch noticed a trend among the game streamers. The streamers would be done playing games and start up programmes like Photoshop to work on, for example, a piece of their favourite game character. This was reason enough for Twitch to introduce the new /Creative channel.


Since a year, on the 29th of October 2015, the creative channel has been officially launched in cooperation with Adobe and a Bob Ross marathon that can still be viewed to date (Patel, 2015).


This blog can be used by aspiring creative streamers to start and build.....


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